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We are offering a book packed with hundreds of ways to get loads of free pet upplies. This book can easily pay for itself by providing you with the contact information of hundreds of places willing to give you Free Pets Supplies

"Free Pet Supplies And Other Free Stuff For Pet Lovers"

Pet Lovers Spend Billions of dollars a Year On Their Pets and Pet Supplies!

Free Pet Supplies Samples - Free Toys and Other Fun Stuff - Free Pet Videos

Free Pet Counseling - Free Expert Pet Advice

Free Pet Supplies For Pet Lovers

Many of the companies that give away free goodies only require a small amount of information from you in order to send your sample on its way. Others will give you trials of diffrent things just to get the word out about their product or make you aware of thier organization. Either way, its's a wonderful opportunity to try some neat stuff you might not have given a chance. Just ask and you shall recieve!

Here are just some of the free pet supplies you can get
from reading our book:

23% Off Pet Pharmaceuticals - Looking for medicines for your pet at low prices. This book will give you all the information on how to do so. 50% Discount on Veterinary Care - Learn how to get up to 50% off on veterinary care if you have a handicapped assisted dog.
Get A Star Named In Honor of Your Dog - Want your pet to become a "Star". Its all right under your fingertips when you buy Free Stuff For Pet Lovers
How To Recycle Pet Poop For Profit - Ever think about turing your dog doo into compost, sounds funny but this book gives you information on exactly how to do it!!
Software For Your Fish - Get free fish software guide on how to start your own aquarium, and alot of other cool features like fish screensavers...all this FREE. Animal Tattooing Info Kit Free - Find out how to obtain a free tattooer information kit.
Help for Aquarium Problems - Something fishy going on in your aquarium. Free information for fish keepers, sponsers a expert help sevice team. Pets For Emotionally Challenged Kids - Pets can play a very important role in a childs life. Find out where and what types of pets are best for emotionally challenged kids.
Grooming, Shots, Leash, Collar, Sterilization, ID - Just bought a dog? taking care of a pet can be very expensive. Find out how to get great deals on pet care. Estate Planning For Your Pet - Maybe it has never crossed your mind but dogs don't always go to heavan before there owners do. Find out how to ensure your pets safekeeping after you are no longer able to.


Free Pet Locator Tag - Enroll your pet in a Free National Pet Club Locator Service online and you'll receive a tag and instructions by mail. If your pet is lost then found, someone can call the organization through the toll free number listed on the tag and you will be notified
Free Magazines - When you request information about membership in the Oakland SPCA, you will receive a free copy of the magazine, Animal Friends, a quarterly publication with articles and reports on animals and those who love them.
Free Fish Flakes - Get a free sample of goldfish food flakes from Aquatrol to keep Goldie in the swin
Free Bird Caller - Receive a free vintage Swiss Warbler Bird Call from Blessed Offering. All its takes it your name and your E-mail address
Free Horse Products - Get free samples of coat conditioners and Vitamin-Mineral supplements for your mare, stallion, gelding or foal.
Free Litter Box Liners - Get a sample litter box liner that helps make cleanup quick and easy! It is sanitary, can be used with many types of litter, and will fit even the largest litter boxes.










Free Dog Food From Famous Brand Names
Free Cat Food From Famous Brand Names
Free Lamb Rice Dog Food
Free Puppy Food
Free Kitten Club Coupons
Free Special Care Cat Food Coupons
And Much Much More............
Over 58% of American households have pets. Well, its time that the animal kingdom and those who love them got alittle payback!! Many businesses, organizations and other groups love pets as much as we do, and they all have great things to offer, things that can make a real difference in Rover's and Fluffy's lives, not to mentions oodles of fun gizmos and toys. There are free samples of food, magazines, shampoo and tons of other products, and the only way you can get access to all the wonderful information is to buy our book...... Free Stuff For Pet Lover.

Free Pet Supplies Samples - Free Toys and Other Fun Stuff - Free Pet Videos

Free Pet Counseling - Free Expert Pet Advice


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